The Mindful Doodle Book

75 Creative Exercises to Help You Live in the Moment

The Mindful Doodle Book
By Dr. Patricia Isis
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Praise for The Mindful Doodle Book

“This book invites readers to a delightful new way to wake up to our lives.  No matter what you’re doing – digesting, doubting, deep thinking, or divorcing – there’s a doodle for it.   The author knows how to bring out the artist in each of us as she teaches us to hold our experience and ourselves in loving awareness.  So go ahead, doodle it!”
Christopher Germer, PhD
Faculty, Harvard Medical School
Author, The Mindful Path to Self-Compassion

Purchase Your Copy Now on Amazon for only $19.99

Mindfulness and doodling together serve to empower memory and concentration while safely revealing patterns of thoughts and feelings.
The Mindful Doodle Book provides the mental health professional with simple, flexible, fun ways to access selected ordinary and extraordinary life experiences.

How to Use this Book
The exercises in this book are designed to inspire the mindful doodler through a variety of real life scenarios.

For example, try the Cross Roads Doodle:
There are times in our lives when we find ourselves at a crossroads. It could be amidst several decision options or paths that we are considering. Stand up and feel all four corners of both feet on the floor. You are taking a stand in this one wild and precious moment of your life. Notice your body, any sensations, emotions, and thoughts. Allow everything. If you are comfortable doing so, close your eyes. If not, look at an object in the room that is stationary to promote balance. Picture in your minds eye, all the possibilities around you. Ask yourself inside for an answer.
Print out the doodle prompt below for inspiration or doodle your own from scratch.

To Create a Mindful Doodle:

  • Make an intention.
  • Release all judgment and expectation of the process and outcome.
  • Create with kindness and compassion.
  • Take as much or as little time as you wish.
  • Use your awareness of your body through your senses to promote presence.
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